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Presenting the ARTU Porcelain Plus Bit

August 14, 2016

Porcelain Plus Drill Bit

Porcelain Plus for Hard Tiles - ARTU's PORC+ Bit - is specifically designed for rotary drilling through porcelain and ceramic tiles up to a scratch hardness of 8. Its durability and superior carbide tip distinguish the PORC+ from other standard bits advertised for these surfaces. Operators will find the PORC+ easier to use and more accurate to place than most other options out there. The diamond ground PORC+ will cut nice, clean holes with very little or no chipping in hard tile or glazed ceramics. It will also drill into the material the tile is mounted to without needing to change bits. Sizes available are 5/32", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2".

For dry or wet use, if the bit is allowed to cool between holes, there will be no need for water, sponges, spray bottles, water baths and so on.


Its durability and superior carbide tip distinguishes the PORC+ from other standard bits used on hard tiles. The unique 4-face point grinding extends the drill bit life while maintaining perfect hole quality and accurate hole placement. Extreme low drilling pressure with excellent centering means the bit will not walk-tape or center punching is no longer necessary.


The ground double flute ensures fast and efficient removal of the drill dust and prevents clogging.


The drill bit shank is made from the finest chrome vanadium steel which contains more carbon compared to the chrome nickel steel used in most drill bits, providing the PORC+ with maximum flexibility and strength.


  • Tile should be installed or placed on a level surface for drilling.
  • Operate drill motor between 400 - 600 rpm. (The harder the material, the slower drill speed you should use with these bits. Impatience could damage the tile or the bit.)
  • With slight pressure and a small twist, drill a pilot hole with a 5/32" bit. You should hear the bit biting into the tile. Then use a larger bit depending on the size of the hole required. It may take 30-60 seconds per hole depending upon the tile.
  • Use some pressure during drilling; however, too much pressure can make the bit move and cause the hole not to be centered as marked. (Pressure could also cause the tile to break.) Remember maintaining a slow, steady speed will prevent damage to your material and help to make your drill bits last longer.
  • To extend the life of the bit, let it cool down for several minutes between each hole. If the bit starts to generate high heat or release smoke, then stop drilling and apply water to the drilling surface or dip the drill bit into water to help cool it down.
  • Be safe: use your safety googles, gloves and ear protection.

Installation Applications

Towel bars or rings
Towel warmers
Vanity shelving
Frameless shower doors
Shower rods
Safety bars
Toilet roll dispensers
Soap dispensers / soap dishes
Tooth brush holders

Not for use with hammer drills or percussion drilling
For dry or wet use