Nibbler Cutting Tool

The ARTU® Nibbler drill attachment can be powered by any drill motor at 1500-3000 RPMs.

Item Number: 01575 Description: Nibbler Cutting Tool
Item Number: 01580 Description: Replacement Die for Nibbler
Item Number: 01585 Description: Replacement Punch for Nibbler
  • Cuts steel, brass, copper, aluminum, plastics, fiberglass
  • Cuts corrugated, round or flat stock
  • Cuts any shape to 1/2" radius
  • Cutting head adjusts 360 degrees

The ARTU® Multi-Purpose Nibbler attachment is powered by any drill with a speed range of 1500 to 3000 RPMs. The cutting head can be turned 360° to allow cutting in a forward, backward, or sideways motion. A punch moves up and down inside the die to make a 4 mm or 5/32” wide cut. Cutting waste is disposed through an opening on the die. Refer to Fig. 1.

The punch must be used in all four cutting positions of the die to get full use. Each punch can cut approximately 600 to 800 feet depending on the material. Turning the die 90° provides a fresh cutting surface on the punch.

The Nibbler and drill can be hand held (Fig. 3) or bench mounted (Fig. 4) to cut desired material. For best results, use two of ARTU®'s Multi-Purpose Drill Holders (#01560) for bench mount applications (Fig. 5).

Nibbler Cutting Tool